Ampoules offer special benefits and safety for liquids used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field. Lutz offers ampoules in clear and amber glass of the 1st hydrolytical class. We owe our state-of-the-art production lines to the synergies in the tooling shop of our mother company Lutz Pumpen. We produce all customary ampoules according to DIN EN ISO 9187 or to customers' request in 3 shifts. Our products comply to the highest international quality standards by designed camera systems and  special printing control systems developed  inhouse to meet the demand of our customers to 100%. In respect to protection against conterfeiting we follow our method of printing directly to the glass body.


Our Ampoules programme consists of

  •  Ampoules type B and type C
  •  Closed ampoules type D
  •  Ampoules with two bulbs
  •  Colour-break ampoules
  •  Score ring ampoules
  •  One-Point-Cut (OPC) ampoules
  •  Printed ampoules acc. to specifications
  •  Special models on request


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