Packaging solutions

Primary packaging, too, must be packed well so that it reaches its destination safely. Besides offering customers safety and reliability, our proven full shrink wrap packaging provides another clear advantage:

  • Minimal packaging material and improved production hygiene combined with lower recycling costs.
  • The wide array of packing solutions available ranges from classic grey cardboard carton to plastic trays, and polyethylene shrink wrap stacked upon wooden or aluminium pallets. Unique packing solutions are always available to meet the requirements of the customer and the Job.
  • LUTZ Packaging also complies with international import regulations. Wooden pallets, in particular, are treated individually and specially to conform to the guidelines of respective countries.
  • The aluminium pallet is the perfect packing solution to meet the highest standards. These pallets ensure the required particle poverty, protect against pollution and contamination and brilliantly withstand the most extreme conditions, especially in critical climactic regions.