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The all-round talent glass was and is the preferred material for pharmaceutical primary packaging. As an inert material, glass provides protection for a wide variety of medicines by preventing gases or other volatile substances from penetrating through the glass wall or reaching the medicine from outside. Similarly, the use of glass as primary packaging material prevents the likelihood of a reaction between the  drug and the glass itself. Glass used in the pharmaceutical industry is classified in hydrolytic classes I - III.  Type I represents the highest quality and is a very chemical and temperature resistant glass, which is why  it is used for pharmaceutical products such as infusions and injections. In contrast, type III glasses are  more suitable for preparations that are not intended for parenteral use.


Certified production

For all products supplied, Lutz Packaging ensures consistent product quality and  offers highest standards. Proof of these demanding quality standards is, for example, the certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 15378:2018, which guarantees the highest precision and quality of our products. Furthermore, our production technology can be flexibly and quickly adjusted to specific production tasks and quantities. This enables us to fulfil your requests quickly and reliably.

Download certificate
Download certificate


  • Production of injection vials and screw neck vials in amber and clear glass in all pharmaceutically relevant tubular glass types I to III from a size of 3ml - 50ml in the usual neck finish shapes
  • Production according to the specifications of the respective DIN ISO, on request special sizes possible
  • Camera-monitored production and clean room packaging possible
  • Testing of water resistance in our own laboratory
  • Creation of a test certificate


  • Production of ampoules, form B, form C (funnel) and form D (closed ampoules)   made of amber and clear tubular glass of the 1st hydrolytic class, according to the applicable DIN ISO; special designs also possible on request.
  • Various breaking systems, such as colour-break, OPC or score-ring
  • Screen printing with ceramic colours low in heavy metals 
  • Printing of up to 3 code rings in different colours possible
  • Camera-monitored production 
  • Continuous in-process control
  • Testing of the inner surface for water resistance in our own laboratory
  • Creation of a test certificate